The name’s Charles, and I’m a retired real estate agent with years and years of experience under my belt. My lovely wife Robin and I are enjoying every aspect of retirement, and many of my friends are doing the same. We recently downsized our home to save on pricey mortgage payments, and one-story living has been a lot easier on my arthritic knees.

Although I’m no longer active in the real estate world, this doesn’t stop past clients and friends from calling me for advice. The biggest concern seems to be whether or not they should downsize. Rooms in their homes are going unused now that the nest is empty, and that fixed retirement income makes those mortgage payments and utility bills seem outrageous.

Many homeowners are faced with the dilemma of whether to sell or to stay, so I set up this site to make the decision a little easier. My hope and goal for this site is to provide some helpful insight and tips to homeowners on the fence about downsizing so that no matter what they decide, their house continues to be a home.

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